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Palladium Pd $907.20 $-2.45
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Bullion to Simple Jewelry Conversion

As the name implies, this is jewelry made from gold bullion. Very pure gold, in fact: 24 karat, but in a simple design that will not attract attention from thieves, or the authorities at airports or border crossings. Available in several sizes rated and priced according to their Troy ounce weight, bullion jewelry is fast-growing in popularity. It’s easy to wear, or conceal, and simple to convert back into cash anywhere in the world.

Rather than buying jewelry based on whether or not you like it – does it suit you, is it fashionable, does it go with your dressy outfits – you are investing in the gold content alone.

By holding your gold in jewelry form, you are protecting yourself from the Government making it illegal to own gold coins or bullion, as happened in the 1930s.

Gold jewelry is not legal tender. That means, traveling across a border while wearing a necklace or bracelet does not typically trigger any customs declaration laws. Even if you are wearing $20,000 or more in gold, you do not legally have to declare that fact. You can travel carrying wealth in a way that does not attract the attention of any authorities.

ABC Bullion & Coin offers this service for people who wish to travel legally and discreetly with precious metals worn as jewelry instead of coins & bars