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CAC Grading Hints at Potential Expansion into Paper Money Market

Published by: Matt Dinger - Lost Dutchman Rare Coins on December 11, 2023
CAC Grading Hints at Potential Expansion into Paper Money Market

In a recent interview on The Coin Show Podcast, CAC Grading President Ron Drzewucki dropped subtle hints that the company might be considering expanding its services to include the grading of paper money. While no official announcement was made, Drzewucki's comments have sparked speculation and excitement within the paper money collecting community.

During the interview, Drzewucki acknowledged the growing demand for reliable and high-quality paper money grading services. He mentioned that CAC has been closely monitoring the industry and is actively exploring ways to offer its expertise to collectors of paper currency.

Drzewucki stated. "If we find the world class experts we will expand into paper money."

The prospect of CAC entering the paper money market has been met with a positive response from collectors. With its established reputation in coin grading, many collectors believe CAC could bring much-needed transparency and consistency to the paper money market.

"CAC's attention to detail and commitment to accuracy is exactly what the market needs," said one collector. "Their entry would be a significant boost to the hobby and would help to elevate the status of paper money collecting."

While no official timeline has been announced, Drzewucki's interview has undoubtedly fueled the speculation. If CAC does decide to move forward with paper money grading, it is likely to have a major impact on the market, potentially leading to increased interest, higher prices, and a more standardized grading system.

Paper money collectors will be eagerly awaiting any further developments from CAC and are hopeful that the company will soon confirm its plans to enter this exciting and growing market.